The job of a real estate agent

New to real estate? Here’s what to know!

Your future tasks

As a real estate agent  your tasks will include:​

  • Prospecting for new properties to list (seller)
  • Marketing the listings you have (seller)
  • Organizing showings and collecting feedback (seller)
  • Prospecting for potential buyers (buyer)
  • Organizing showings of potential properties (buyer)
  • Communicating feedback and negotiating (both buyer and seller)
  • Providing support and guidance during the property transaction (both buyer and seller)

The skills you need

Don’t forget, the skills of the profession are acquired through continuous training and handling more transactions.​

Professional skills:

  • Have a good command of the technical aspects: marketing, transaction management, closing process, etc. At iad, we provide comprehensive training for you and accompany you through all these topics.
  • Plan and deliver a proactive growth strategy. Thanks to our digital tools and the support of our local teams on the ground, local real estate will hold no secrets for you!

Personal skills:

  • Demonstrate diplomacy
  • Excellent interpersonal and listening skills
  • Competitive spirit
  • A desire for achieving financial success

New to real estate: get started!

To become a real estate agent in Florida, you need a Florida real estate license and you must be at least 18 years old. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will need a valid Green Card or a work visa.

Please visit a licensed Florida Real Estate School to find out about the requirements to take the Florida Real Estate exam.

Start your adventure as a real estate agent
When you join the iad adventure, you will work as a real estate agent under the supervision of a brokerand the support of a mentor. 

Frequently asked questions!

Yes, you can definitely attend one of our Business Opportunity Presentations in Florida, even if you don’t have the licence yet! However, you’ll need to attend a licensed Florida real estate school and pass the Florida real estate exam, before joining iad.  After joining us, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive coaching and training program for new and experienced agents alike. 

Yes, each agent is supported and trained by his mentor, through all the steps of its adventure: from the daily support in the field when you start, to learning how to manage your own team in the future! Each mentor is trained in support and coaching techniques, and is incentivized based on your success!

At iad, we don’t talk about salary, because you’re not an employee, you’re an entrepreneur. Your income is only limited to the number of homes you can sell each month. The more real estate transactions you close, the more you will earn. 

As an independant contractor, you’ll be working on your own behalf, for YOUR company. It’s not just a job offer, it’s an opportunity to become your own boss and reach financial freedom!
You’ll start your iad journey by attending an iad Presentation, and if it’s a fit for your career goals, you’ll be able to start immediately!

We have a hub office in Tampa, Florida, with our HQ team dedicated to our agents. But our agents can work from anywhere at any time! Some of them decide to work from home, and others work together in teams, sharing coworking spaces. 

Of course! We have a complete marketing center, where you can find designs, social media posts, flyers, emailing templates… And thanks to our comprehensive iad shop, you’ll be able to personnalize business cards, sign yards, and even buy iad promotional items for your clients!

More questions?

Talk with an existing iad real estate agent, or attend our next Business Opportunity Presentation!

*iad FLORIDA LLC is a limited liability company organized under the laws of the State of Florida (company number L23000020737) whose principal office address is at 1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1960, Miami, Florida, 33131, operating as a Florida real estate brokerage company under license number CQ1067735.