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Savanna & Mathias Jennings

iad Florida real estate agents

“The biggest thing for is with iad was the structure with mentees and mentoring. For us that is something that really stood out so we could. build a professional business, have team members below us that we can train, mentor, help them build successful businesses as well, and then turn that into either generational wealth with our kids down the line, or sell it off and retire if we want to, someday, in the future.”

Dyanna Alley-Wilson – iad Florida real estate agent

“The most important thing I want my clients to feel is that they are able to communicate with me and that they feel heard and valued. I want my clients to feel like I have worked with them to identify the home that best fits their dream.”

Xavier Delgado – iad Florida real estate agent

“I chose to work with iad Real Estate because I wanted to be a part of something brand new and innovative. Being able to create a downline and start my own real estate team is a huge opportunity for me. Additionally, the mentorship that is included with the company is invaluable. I believe that being able to learn from experienced professionals in the industry will help me succeed in my real estate career”

Ieva Wilson – iad Florida real estate agent

iad initially was an idea of my brokers, however, looking more into their business model and culture it really seemed like a great opportunity and actual strategy for the future and eventually an option for the retirement.”

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